Power Bank Animal Edition, the new external batteries Samsung

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Power Bank Animal Edition, the new external batteries Samsung

As the industry progresses telephony, users need higher capacity batteries. The QHD screens or end processors for mobile, are not the only culprits that consumed more autonomy. The fact spend long "stuck" hours to our whole battery device makes us fall short. Most batteries Samsung phones do not exceed 3.000mAh. This means, we have to use other systems not stay with a mobile completely useless. The power saving modes or external batteries are some of the possible solutions.

Regarding the latter, Samsung knows enough. South Korea has some models on the market, but now has just launched a new range, which is also supported by a good cause. It is battery Power Bank Animal Edition, where you can see the image of four animals in each one, all endangered. Thus, the company puts its bit for the campaign "Charge the Life", whose main objective awareness of the danger of losing any of these protected species.

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Not all have the same capacity. The Power Bank Animal Edition featuring the drawings of red panda and Fennec Fox have 8.400mAh format. We are talking about more than three times the capacity offered by the current flagship of the Asiatic, the Samsung Galaxy S6. For its part, the batteries in the Giant Panda Bear and Monkey appears Dorado offer 11.300mAh capacity, perfect for those who travel a lot or that you are always back and forth. These new batteries will indicate the power level we have, simply by pressing a side button, and we provide the possibility that we can charge two devices at the same time we make use of them. This is possible, thanks to its USB port and microUSB connector. Furthermore, in its interior they are Samsung SDI cells, indicating that they have the highest standards of security market.

Meanwhile, those who adquir¨¢is one and that link to download the "Charge the Life" application, which is available on Google Play and Samsung Galaxy Apps, it will show a picture of the animal increasingly happy as the charge level goes up. As for prices, the Power Bank Animal Edition 11.300mAh have a cost of 64.90 euros. For its part, the Bank Animal Power Edition 54.90 8.400mAh cost capacity. All currently stock. Be mindful that Samsung also has the usual Power Bank with a capacity of 8.400mAh. It has a price of 49.90 and is available in several colors: white, blue and gray with a leather finish, which gives it a very stylish and professional look. Its size remains very compact and offers the same benefits as those in editing the animals.

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