Best Power Bank and portable external battery 2015

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Best Power Bank and portable external battery 2015

We all know that all the smartphones are increasingly efficient and powerful and are able today to make us live what until only a decade ago could be considered science fiction experience. For the moment, however, only about one thing technology has failed to improve much: the autonomy of smartphones. For example you remember when an old cell phone of the 90 you could overcome a week of use and you had to intervene recharging every day? Well, that and now with smartphones now, appears to be completely impossible! But why do not you can get results like this with the smartphone well developed as those present? Unfortunately, the reasons are many and range from the effective and proven willingness of manufacturers to reduce the size of the terminal, from "normal" market choices, until the adoption of ever more accidents on consumption (unnecessary ultra high resolution etc. ).

One case concerns among all the Samsung Galaxy S6, in fact this Android smartphone has certainly become much more subtle and compact reducing inside the battery size. However thanks to the presence of a display with high resolution (2K as well!) Consumption has risen substantially, with intensive use use the smartphone of Samsung for a full day will be very difficult if not impossible. It is in cases like this that will help buy and to always have one of the best portable external battery power bank or of the moment.

So if you own an Android smartphone that fails to take into the evening or at least to get you through a full day of use, we can only advise you to purchase an external battery. This fact will be able to narrow down what is the biggest flaw of the current smartphones and above will allow you to always have on hand an emergency charge that can recharge the smartphone in times of need. But not only, in fact some Power Bank can be used to charge any device (even more than one!) For longer periods. For example there are portable external battery that will allow you to go really looks far from a power grid for even more than a week. But what are the best power bank or external batteries of 2015? We show them to you directly in this article where they will be divided according to their portability, ie the size of the product.

We can not specify that the Power Bank that we will propose just below belong only to the best brands on the market and can be purchased from the comfort of home via the very reliable The purchase in the store in this case is highly discouraged given that the same products purchased for example in a commercial chain can cost more than twice, and in many cases may be also much lower quality.

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