How you can copy the contents of USB Flash Drivesdirectly on the iPad?

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How you can copy the contents of USB Flash Drivesdirectly on the iPad?

It is worth emphasizing that there are limitations of such a transfer storage, because some USB Flash Drives larger than the power required to iPad, and therefore not in accordance with normal work, so in the choice of USB Flash Drives also need to be aware the same power configuration.

Ready, the next start operation: USB Flash Drives must be formatted as FAT format in advance, generally the default mode operation can, of course, you can manipulate it on their Mac devices. Then, you need to create a new folder named DCIM on the USB Flash Drives, because you need to be copied from the iPad will be any compatible image and video in this folder.

Preliminary work half done, then you can access the camera connection kit USB Flash Drives, by Lightning interfaces connected to the iPad, if nothing else, the photo app on iPad should start at the bottom of the screen and displays an Import button. Click Import, then USB Flash Drives DCIM folder will import the selected item eleven, then the connection operation, and copy the information transfer is complete.

Of course, there are many ways to store the transfer, such as via iTunes sync or cloud storage is also possible, the above method is only used as a reference.

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