Meet the first USB Type C flash drive

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Meet the first USB Type C flash drive

USB Type C is the new standard, or at least it¡¯s on the right road to becoming one. Apple launched their new MacBook with a single USB Type C port and while the company did set a new trend, it might not have been the best launch. Although Apple¡¯s move to launch the MacBook with only one USB Type C might have been rash, as users need more than that at a time in tech history when USB Type C is not even close to being standard, they have given a nudge to the industry and people are picking up on it.  As such, people are uncertain whether to get the new laptop or not, because the single USB Type C connector is nothing more than an inconvenience at this time. Nonetheless, the standard is set and companies like Google and Microsoft are already officially incorporating the new port in all future devices.

USB Type C is well on its way on becoming the new standard, even though adoption of the new high-speed USB port will be slow at first. Nonetheless, Apple, Microsoft and Google have and are planning to launch new devices that sport the new connector, because it¡¯s faster, cross-compatible, and it can carry both data and power ¨C a winning combination.USB flash drives


Integral Memory has launched the first USB Type C flash drive, by the name of Fusion, and according to Photo Tribune, the flash drive won¡¯t be any more expensive than current gen flash drives you would find in the store. The new USB Type C drive is supposed to be released in Q3 2015, which means that we are going to be able to buy it in the following few months, tops. Although there aren¡¯t many interesting traits about the first USB Type C flash drive, it represents the future. Integral Memory, a company that specializes in storage units among other things, believes that the Fusion USB Type C flash drive is indispensable, and while we don¡¯t think it already is, it might soon be.

Seeing as USB Type C is going to be a connector on every device in the future, be it a smartphone, laptop, iPad, iMac, MacBook or convertible, there will be a high demand for flash drives such as the Fusion. USB Type C is still a good buy today, because it is reversible and compatible with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. Besides being faster and more efficient, the new connector is also easy to use and as future-proof as it gets.

The flash drive that Integral Memory launched only holds 64 GB data, but the company will be releasing a few more devices in the line-up shortly, so we should expect to see larger storage capacity in USB Type C flash drives of the future. This year, we are going to see new Microsoft Lumia devices sporting the new port, as well as more Apple products and even Google products like Chromebooks that will continue using the new standard. Even though complete adoption of the new port is still a way off, it will eventually happen.

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