Differentiate genuine Power Bank

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Differentiate genuine Power Bank

The rapid development of high technology, on the subway and bus commuters or tidal flavor of young people, is no longer a hand holding newspapers and magazines to read news, but holding the iPad, smart phones and other electronic digital products young people.

Adaptation "trend family" and manufacturing of mobile phones flooding the market supply is also open to cities visited a large digital stores, all kinds of mobile phone mobile power have occupied more than half of country. All the phones are agents and dealers He does this music to people who come and go in the promotion of smart phones and related accessories, in fact, the development of mobile phone Power Bank is not as smart phones benign trend homeopathy. manifestations are hindering the development of the mobile power industry, But the real power into the hands of the consumer movement and how much is "true" it?

Under Phone Power Bank everywhere, the various brands have to battle, price from 50-500 dollars, leaving a lot of smart phone users by surprise, no start. Same mobile power, but the price difference between a half. This is also the main reason for a full ruined mobile power sales. Many reports about battery cell quality problem is led people to distrust mobile power generation. various hidden rules makes mobile power industry extremely curious .

Mobile power batteries generally two types i: lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries, lithium-ion batteries security is relatively low, many manufacturers will buy a lot of used batteries recycling and re-processing of old batteries again on renovation you can use. And in order to save expenses, many manufacturers are willing to purchase such batteries for secondary use. Relative lithium batteries, lithium polymer batteries is much more secure than the lithium batteries.

The industry, there are many sinister manufacturers in order to benefit regardless of the safety of consumers, to buy some recycling of used lithium batteries, coupled with the already rough Power Bank production technology, and inadequate service at the lowest price on the market sales, not only hampered the healthy development of the mobile power industry, but disregard for the safety of users. For these depend on the relationship with the electrical products, the most important issue for consumers is the security quality of their products are most concerned about, so experts tell all Consumers, as the saying goes, "a sub-price goods," the same product, different prices, so different is the quality and safety issues and to use the 100 yuan to buy 1000 yuan of products, in the realization of the possibility of life is almost zero.

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