Power Bank and use precautions

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Power Bank and use precautions

As the needs of everyday portable Power Bank supply, the security issue has been our focus. China's first mobile power on the national mandatory standards, "portable electronic products lithium-ion batteries and battery safety requirements" on August 1 need to be formally implemented, so before that, we need to buy mobile power with caution.

Increase security to protect mobile power purchase and precautions

For the current market proliferation of mobile power, time of purchase must be carefully observed for the non-brand models, no manufacturer, no electrical parameter identifies, without warning note identifies a mobile power supply, which is certainly not to buy, buy well-known as branded Power Bank supply, and try to buy through normal channels, so as to allow the purchase of mobile power to have security guarantees.

For Power Bank, it should pay attention to the summer time. In the mobile power charging and discharging, it should pay attention to water, moisture and anti-high-temperature environment, the more sun exposure is no longer, and for car owners, the more power can not move in the summer in a sealed car. Because in the summer, when high ambient temperatures, but also lead to seal the interior temperature increased rapidly, the temperature is too high it can easily result in damage to the Power Bank.

Compared to the cold winter, summer use mobile power more precautions to prevent higher temperatures result in damage to the Power Bank is worthy of our attention.

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