USB Flash Drives

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USB Flash Drives

Open my computer click button, in the shortcut menu, select "management", open the "computer management" window. In computer management window, select "save" the following "disk management", if see no dish operator U disk, then in the U plate press the mouse button, select "change the device name and path" option, opened a "change... drive number and path" dialog box. Click again "changes" button, open the "change drive letters and path" dialog box, in the "designated the following drive letters" to the right of the drop-down list, select assigned to U dish you want the driver of the number, as far as possible by choices, such as X, Y, Z, choose good, click ok button, back to the last time "to change... drive number and path" dialog boxes, and once again, click ok, returned to the "computer management" window. So far, if everything is normal, will give U plate alone setting a use for a long time, the driver, and but, from the influence of the virtual drives. 


Would U disk into the computer, and see whether display icon in the taskbar, if show, in my computer point right view attributes-senior-hardware-device manager-check whether there is a question mark inside the equipment, equipment in question mark on some right-update the driver and then the next step--no temporary not connected to the network-the next step to be automatic installation software (recommended) 

1. Disable the mainboard usb devices. 

Administrator in the CMOS setup will USB devices disabled, and set up BIOS password, so U disk into after the computer, the computer also won't recognize. This method has its limitations, is not only a disabled U disk, also banned other usb devices, such as usb mouse, usb drives, etc. So this method will generally not administrator, unless on this computer is very important, worth he forsaketh away the whole the function of the usb bus. But the screen can also cracked, even setting the code. The BIOS setting are stored in CMOS chip, and the memory effect by COMS on the main board of a capacitance of the power supply. The electric capacitance from motherboard battery, so, as long as the motherboard battery unload, with a wire for battery-powered place of anode and short sub, a moment to empty the entire CMOS Settings, including BIOS password. Then, back to the battery only, oneself to set the CMOS, can use usb devices. (of course, the need to open the case, generally not apply under the eyes of the ~ ~) 

2. Modify the registry keys, disable the usb mobile storage devices. 

Open the registry file, which in turn on "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services, usbehci" double click "Start" button of the right operand, and edit window of the "numerical data" to "4", the base choice for "hex". After the cancellation right can see effect. In order to prevent others in the same way to crack, we can delete or renamed the registry editor program. 

Hint: "Start" button is USB devices work switch, the default setting for "3" said manual, "2" is said to be automatic, "4" means to use. 

3. In the computer management will be removable storage in access prohibited. Computer management is a Windows management component, can be in control panel--management tools-computer management and open. In the tool window storage-removable storage-property, general items, can control the system tray that security is whether can manage mobile access storage device. Security will be in ordinary users access to reduce, can achieve the purpose of disabled u dish. Method of crack is also very simple, administrator reduce ordinary users access to mobile storage devices, but not necessarily banned the use of computer management authority. Ordinary users can through this tool remove usb mobile storage device access restrictions. In addition, be worth what carry is, if u plate put the computer can drive after, but my computer but no offer operator, is likely to change in the u dish is administrator of the default disk operator, make my computer can't identify. This kind of circumstance, can be in movable storage see u disk in the drive. Can u disk drives in the attribute to set for u plate to redistribute a dish identifier, inserted again a u disk, can in my computer to see u dish dish operators. 

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