Power your mobile devices with Huawei¡¯s 13000 mAh powerbank

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Power your mobile devices with Huawei¡¯s 13000 mAh powerbank

The batteries of our tablets and smartphones are constantly being tested by our constant use and by the numerous apps that keep appearing in the market. That's why one of the must-haves for anyone who owns a gadget and who's constantly on the move, is an external battery, a battery case or a powerbank. One of the newest ones in the market (well, at least the Indian market) is from Huawei, and it just might be the one with the biggest capacity in the market.

The Honor Power Bank AP007 was announced in India today, and at 13000mAh, it may be one of the best right now. It has the ability to power an entire tablet once or your smartphone more than once (depending on the specs as well). This is pretty good news for people who are constantly faced with battery problems and their current power banks just can't hack it anymore.

You can even charge two devices simultaneously since it has two USB slots. It also supports an output of 5V 2A so that you can charge faster than even your normal wall chargers. If you think the powerbank looks familiar, that is becaue its aluminum unibody design is almost the same as the popular Xiaomi Power Bank.

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